100 % 75 MG Saffron capsules 60 pieces


Food supplement -100% pure Saffron.

: For mental resilience and a positive attitude.

: Saffron stimulates immunity.

: Keeps the mind clear.

: Supported during the menstrual cycle.

: Good for the ability to concentrate.

: Aphrodisiacs increasing libido

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100 % 75 MG Saffron capsules 60 pieces23.95


Buy Saffron capsules at Crocussativus

To buy Saffron capsules you must be with us from Crocussativus. These capsules consist of 100% Saffron. . .

This precious spice ensures a positive state of mind. In addition, it helps with stress, fatigue and mental illnesses. They also support when you want to lose weight and they increase libido for both men and women.

The high-quality capsules are delivered for free within 2 working days in the Netherlands. For delivery outside the Netherlands, please count on 5-7 days.

Buy certified Saffron capsules of high quality

✓ 100% pure Saffron
✓ Officially ISO certified
✓ Without side effects
✓ 100% natural product, unprocessed and without filler
✓ Free home delivery in the Netherlands, outside the Netherlands home delivery for a small fee
✓ Delivery within the Netherlands within 2 working days. Delivery outside the Netherlands within 5-7 working days.

Beneficial effect

Saffron, as you read above, has a beneficial effect. This spice reduces stress, fatigue and all kinds of old-age ailments. For example our Saffron helps prevent skin aging. Partly because of its beneficial effect, it has been used for at least 4,000 years.

Due to the high costs of growing and harvesting, Saffron is also called the “red gold”. It is not for nothing that it is the most expensive spice on earth.

Purest form

Every Saffron capsule that you buy from us is filled with 75 milligrams of 100% Saffron. The capsules do not contain anything else: no filler. This spice is grown without the use of chemicals or other harmful substances. You are guaranteed of the best quality.

Our spice has successfully undergone the tests of three different Eurofins Scientific laboratories. In addition, our Saffron spice meets the highest Category I quality requirements according to ISO 3632-2 standards.

Use of the Saffron capsules

You only have to take one capsule a day. Take this with water, before or after meals. You do not immediately notice results, because it is not a regular medicine. Only gradually the effects become noticeable. That is different for every person. The health problems are decreasing. You get a sense of well-being and your discomfort gradually diminishes.

It is very important that you do not exceed the daily amount! This is a very powerful spice: not only in taste and color, but also in terms of effect on the body.

In dishes

In addition to an important contribution to your state of mind, Saffron capsules can also be used in the kitchen, when preparing all kinds of dishes. It has a bitter taste and a sweet aroma that resembles honey. These dishes include chicken, game, various types of meat and fish, and rice, risotto and mashed potatoes, but also countless starters and desserts (see: Dishes). You can do this simply by opening a capsule with the thumb and index finger of both hands. Turn in the opposite direction with each hand. Note: The capsule opens almost immediately. Therefore open the capsule directly above a saucer or bowl. You can then use the Saffron threads in your dish.

You can also buy food that already contains this “red gold”. You will find our unique  Saffron Cheese  in our website.

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