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Saffron: Bring the balance back into your life with our high-quality Saffron products.​

Benefit from our discount prices for larger quantities. Highest Quality checked by Eurofins Scientific laboratories.


5 gram (€ 5 / 1 gram)€ 25,00
10 gram (€ 4,50 / 1 gram)€ 45,00
20 gram ( € 3,50 / 1 gram)€ 70,00

Due to the intensive cooperation with the saffron farmers, we are able to deliver an even product throughout the year.


60 pieces€ 23,95
120 pieces€ 42,95
180 pieces€ 59,95

60 caps =4500 mg Pure saffron, Category I according to ISO standard 3632-2, controlled by Eurofins, accredited in the Netherlands and packaged in accordance with European HACCP standards.


25 crocussativus€ 12,50
100 crocus sativus€ 45,00
1.000 crocussativus€ 100,00
10.000 crocussativus€ 800.00

Delivery between July and October. Bulbs delivery outside the EU prices on request. Other sizes of bulbs on request.

At you can order the best Saffron bulbsSaffron capsulesSaffron Spice as well as Saffron Cheese.

The Saffron products of are sourced from production areas where the Crocus sativus Saffron bulb can fully thrive. You can order our Saffron directly and safely through our webshop. Discover the beneficial effects of Saffron as a supplement or use our 100% pure Saffron spice to prepare traditional or newly developed special dishes.

All our Saffron products have been tested at Eurofins Scientific, the world market leader in the field of food, environment and pharmaceutical product testing. By carrying out these tests we can offer you a safe product that is beneficial and can also be used safely in your kitchen. For more information about Eurofins Scientific, see here.

Saffron is the most expensive spice in the world

(just have a look at the price per kilogram of Saffron on a package in your supermarket, where the packaging in open light ensures the Saffron is technically “dead” and only gives colour). Because of the high price, Saffron is often referred to as “Red Gold”. Saffron has been used for its beneficial effects for at least 4,000 years. ( For the history of Saffron, please click on “History of Saffron”.

In addition to the health benefits of Saffron, this magic spice is indispensable in various kitchens around the Mediterranean, in the Middle East and in South Asia. Worldwide, famous Chefs use Saffron for the preparation of refined, delicate traditional dishes but also in very tempting fusion dishes, bringing different famous world kitchens together with Saffron often playing a


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