100% Saffron, purity important for the quality and effect.

Famous Chefs worldwide use Saffron to prepare refined, delicate traditional dishes but also in new fusion dishes, which bring together various cuisines in which Saffron often plays a magical role.


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Buying saffron of the highest quality

You can buy at Crocussativus. This Saffron has a healing effect and is used in all kinds of refined dishes. Our spice makes every dish tastier, healthier and more attractive.

Our products have been tested by Eurofins Scientific. for guarantees top quality products.

Take advantage of high discounts now, so that you have a high-quality stock of Saffron for an attractive and very competitive price. Affordable top quality, certified Saffron.

Buy at Crocussativus

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Saffron or “red gold”

Saffron is an exotic spice. It is a spice with a red color that is extracted from the Crocus sativus. Due to the time-consuming method of picking by hand, the spice is very expensive. It is even the most expensive spice in the world. It is for good reason that this herb is also called “red gold”.

The spice has a beneficial effect, but is also indispensable in many kitchens. You can think of various cuisines around the Mediterranean Sea. But also in the kitchens of the Middle East and South Asia Saffron is a main ingredient.


Refined, delicate traditional dishes

Saffron has a bitter taste and an attractive aroma that smells somewhat like honey. According to others, it reminds of flowers or sweet grass, while again others find the smell “strong” and pungent. Various chefs around the world use this spice to prepare refined, delicate traditional recipes. In addition, the “red gold” is also used in fusion dishes. These newly developed modern dishes bring together various cuisines in which this ingredient plays a magical role. Every dish becomes tastier, more attractive and healthier thanks to a few threads of this spice.


Beneficial effect

In addition to the fact that Saffron is used in many dishes, it also has a beneficial health effect. We sell capsules that can make you feel better. In addition, the capsules are also ideal for combating discomfort or age-related ailments.

Each capsule if filled with 100% “red gold” without any “filler” or additive. The content of our capsules can therefore also be used to prepare any “Saffron dish”.

Affordable top quality Saffron

Because we work together with growers in various countries, including Italy, France, Spain, Morocco and Bulgaria. By working closely with them, we can offer high quality Saffronproducts  throughout the year. The spice has been tested by 3 laboratories of Eurofins Scientific. These tests show that our product is of the highest quality.

With us you buy top quality Saffron for a very competitive price. You benefit from discount prices for larger quantities (minimum 20 gram). With us you never pay too much. Saffron becomes affordable for every cook and household.


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You can purchase Saffron in our webshop. Choose the number of grams, put the product in the shopping cart and check out. The product will then be delivered to you within approximately 5-7  working days outside The Netherlands, depending on the busyness at the courier service. When you have any questions or suggestions, please get in touch with us through this form.