The owners of ABAC Holland

The owners of ABAC Holland BV have more than 40 years of experience in horticulture and agriculture. One of its specialisations is in the entire chain of Saffron: growing, harvesting, selection, certification, processing, packing, transport, sales and marketing. ABAC Holland BV has a unique position as the major saffron bulb grower and marketeer in the Netherlands.

Expert in saffron

The company’s expert in saffron has built up experience in the saffron sector in 3 continents: Europe (The Netherlands, Spain, and Portugal), Africa (Morocco) and Asia (India and Afghanistan). ABAC Holland BV is continuously active in developing and improving the saffron value chain in a growing number of countries.

Saffron growers world wide

ABAC Holland BV is generally regarded by saffron growers world-wide as a major expert and knowledge-base for both saffron bulb production and saffron production. The company is continuously approached by farmers from 5 continents for advice, training, delivery of bulbs, assistance in marketing & sales and partnerships. Moreover, the CEO of the company has been awarded several times with subsidies by the Dutch government, both for executing projects in Afghanistan and for groundbreaking research in the Netherlands.

Saffron activities

Apart from its activities in saffron, ABAC Holland BV is also active in sectors like strawberries, blackberries, fruit trees, processed foods (100% Fresh Fruit Juice) as well as development of and research on biological treatment of diseases in horticultural and agricultural crops. Pilot projects focusing on solving persistent problems in agriculture and water in various countries are in the pipeline.

Partners of ABAC Holland

The partners in ABAC Holland BV together have over 40 years of experience in horticultural projects in 4 continents, in countries such as India, China, Egypt, South Africa, Honduras, Guatemala and Colombia. They have worked at all levels, from farmers to central government ministers. One of the partners has worked for the Dutch development bank FMO. He has created teams to conduct feasibility studies in Floriculture in Mexico, Honduras and India, He has been instrumental in the birth of the Indian Floriculture industry and has created a breakthrough for the Mexican export of flowers to the United States. In India he has been involved in the co-management and implementation of several flower farms.


Saffron cultivation and more.


ABAC Holland B.V.
Mr. J.Henderikxstraat 57
1788 AZ Julianadorp
The Netherlands

Dutch Chamber of Commerce: 54348765
VAT: NL8512.69.382.B01

T +31 (0)627 267 149

Marco Minnes, CEO
M +31 (0)651 235 756

Drs. J.W. van Heerde, CEO
M +31 (0)651 576 401


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