Crocus Sativus bulbs size 8-9 lot with 25 bulbs


Delivery from July 10th to October. Bulb delivery outside the EU and other sizes of bulbs: prices on request.

Quantity Discount Price
4 - 39 1.25 11.25
40 - 399 10.00 2.50
400 + 10.50 2.00
Crocus Sativus bulbs size 8-9 lot with 25 bulbs12.50


High quality saffron bulbs


Crocus Sativus bulbs size 8-9 lot with 25 bulbs

Buy saffron bulbs? Thanks to us from Crocussativus you can grow this spice all by yourself. These bulbs are suitable for the production of 100% pure Saffron without additives. Moreover, they are cultivated in a sustainable way and are officially certified.

The bulbs are delivered to location for small transport fee  and are competitively priced. Before you know it, you can grow your own saffron yourself.

Buy Crocus Sativus bulbs size 8-9 lot with 25 bulbs

✓ Purchasing advantage larger numbers
✓ Officially certified
✓ Free home delivery in NL
✓ 100% quality saffron production
✓ Delivery time: 5 working days
✓ Grown in the Netherlands

View the range and order a number of bulbs of your choice. Want to know more about saffronbulbs? Read more about the operation and use of saffron here. Or contact us for more information.


Cultivate saffron with crocus sativus bulbs

All saffron flower bulbs that we sell are from Dutch nurseries. Moreover, they are all certified by the Dutch flower bulb inspection service or ABAC HOLLAND BV. Because we support farmers in the production and sale of flower bulbs, we can respond to commercial demand.

But also the way flower bulbs should grow. We at Crocussativus strive for the best saffron production for the best flower bulb.

“At Crocussativus you buy the best quality products”

Bitter taste and attractive aroma

Saffron is an expensive exotic herb with a bitter taste and an attractive aroma. This combination makes this spice a very popular ingredient for a variety of dishes. But also in Saffron cheese.

It is used by various chefs around the world for traditional delicate and refined traditional dishes. But it is also a very popular herb for preparing fusion dishes.

Beneficial effect

Did you know that saffron has a beneficial effect? You can take the saffron from the organic saffron bulbs that we sell from Crocussativus through capsules. The herb then ensures that you feel better. In addition, the active substances in this spice ensure that an old age ailment or discomfort is combated. The herb also keeps your mind and body alert.

“Bring the balance back to your life with our saffron products”


Order Saffron bulbs in the webshop

View the range and choose the number of crocus sativus bulbs that you wish to receive. You don’t have to wait long for the Saffron bulbs, because they will be delivered to you for a small transport fee.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact  us via the contact form.


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